Tuesday, January 6, 2009

General Dynamics Profits Everytime the Mideast Burns

How can the city of Burlington Vermont be home a factory of General Dynamics which profits from these Israeli war crimes in direct contravention of the US Arms Export Control Act?

Israel's "Red eye" surface to air missiles, M-60 Battle tanks are all General Dynamics products. Israel's F-16's and Stinger missiles are former GD products farmed out to other arms makers. This arming of another country for purposes of aggression is illegal under US law, specifically the Arms Export Control Act, which says that U.S.-origin weapons are only to be used for self-defense and for internal security inside a countries borders. Clearly blowing up schools the UN has designated as refugee camps is neither of these.

Look at this report featured on Democracy Now for further details
U.S. Military Assistance and Arms Transfers to Israel: U.S. Aid, Companies Fuel Israeli Military by Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung, July 20, 2006

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